10 Innovative Film Merchandise of Golden Era

Old is gold, it is always said. Since we claim to be a nation with a passion for films, if we go back to 1960 then most of our memory lanes find its solace in a golden era which was created by retro films. Then, what we could collect as a remembrance of films were film posters, photographs, songbooks, dialogue books, small cutouts of movies. Then, we used to call such collections as memorabilia that we know as merchandise today.

In our eagerness to explore the kind of collections from films, the online entertainment merchandise platform Manchh, which is co-founded by Mr. Kunal Kedia brings you to revere the memorabilia of all kinds. Out of all this, we selected the following three on which we will talk about. They are unseen photographs (exclusive), photo frames and film song-related booklets. Every product which is available under Manchh are original and protected by certificates of authenticity by the film authority.  


Photo frames:

Frames depict sultry Chemistry:

Do you remember Shammi Kapoor trying to cajole Shakila in the song “Bar bar dekho”? If no, then you must see the photo frame booklet curated by Manchh. The outlet has preserved the history of the evergreen song as well as the film. The booklet consisting of an original script, images of the said evergreen song which made history in Indian cinema. The booklet also includes synopsis, lyrics and much more including black & white photos of Shammi Kapoor, Shakila, Shammi, and Helen. 

Frames which captures Romance:

Then we had Shammi ji and Bengali Bala Sharmila Tagore drive masses crazy in the hit romantic Bollywood blockbuster film ‘Kashmir Ki Kali ’in 1964. An exclusive photo frame curated by this merchandise platform makes us recollect a scene from the film when Shammi Kapoor in a checkered coat with Sharmila who looked stunning in a traditional Kashmiri outfit making an eye contact on the picturesque background of Kashmir. Also, a solo digital print of matte finish picture of Sharmila from the song “Tarif Karun kya uski” and a solo picture of Shammi Kapoor is preserved by Manchh.

Photo Frames of Sharmila Tagore:
If you are a fan of Sharmila Tagore than you must look at photo frames from ‘An Evening In Paris’ movie which depicts Sharmila’s different moods. One photo was taken from the famous song “Asman Se Aya Farishta’ in which Sharmila being on roller skates in ocean blue swimsuit, another two pictures are from song “Zuby Zuby Jalembu’ and Sharmila looked stunning in cabaret costumes and one in which side profile of Sharmila wearing white skirt and top.


Photo frame of most memorable dialogue of Rajesh Khanna:
The photo frame captured 3 different stages of Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila from the film and all images are in Eastman color. The photo frame consists of “PUSHPA, I HATE TEARS” Dialogue script which is said 3 times in the film. The photo frame is available in 15*15 inches. This said limited edition frame has only 10 pieces and is a certificate signed by the producers “Shakti Films”.

Another photo frame from the same movie shows the chemistry between the duo. One picture is from the backdrop of Eiffel Tower, in which Shammi cuddles Sharmila, who was wearing a blue saree. The said photo frame is a digital print and available in multicolor.
This Limited Edition frame has only 10 pieces left as of now and is with a certificate signed by the producers “Shakti Films”.

Unseen pictures:
Pictures Refreshing memories:
Unseen pictures from a huge box office success ‘Kati Patang’ are also available at the Manchh outlet. In the super hit club song “Mera Naam Hai Shambnam” where Bindu makes sensuous dance moves and threatens Asha Parekh, who is accompanied by Rajesh Khanna, to reveal her identity.

Exclusive pictures of Asha Parekh, who played the role of the woman who pretends to be a widow sitting perplexed along with Rajesh Khanna and Bindu standing behind Asha ji, famous Holi song “Aaj Na Chodenge” and “Yeh Sham Masatani” and behind the scenes pictures from the films have been specially curated by Manchh.

A frame of unseen photos from the movie ‘China Town’ film consists of 4 different photos. One is from the song “Bar Bar Dekho” in which Shammi is making a dance moment surrounded with a girl, in another picture Shammi and Helen are making an eye contact and rest 2 are with Shakila. These pictures are available in black and white & matte finish. Not only this, the outlet has such pictures of various other movies.

Movie Booklets:
Limited Editions Booklets:
Manchh has a unique collection of movie booklets like- Kati Patang, China Town, Aradhana. Booklet of film’ Kati Patang’ contains Eastman color images of Rajesh Khanna, Asha Parekh, Prem Chopra and synopsis, lyrics, end credits of the movie Kati Patang. The said booklet is certified by ‘Shakti Films’.

The booklet that Manchh has in hand contains the song of ‘ Bar Bar Dekho’ from the movie China Town. Those who are a fan of old songs can remember and hum the songs with accurate words.

Exclusive collectible photo frame booklet consists of synopsis, lyrics and end credits of cult classic ‘Aradhana’. The photo frame is available in size of 36*24 inches. This Limited Edition frame has only 10 pieces left as of now and is with a certificate signed by the producers “Shakti Films”


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