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The stress and tensions of jobs and personal lives impacts people in many forms. While some of them like physical ailments are quick to show their signs others like hair fall slowly take their toll. It is only after some time has passed that we realize the visible signs of hair fall.In a panic, we do not know which method of treatment to trust and hence accept the hard reality of thinning hair. To make things easier we are providing you some trusted hair loss methods.

  • Hair loss shampoos

    Most of these shampoos contain hair follicle stimulators which can provide strength to your hair roots. It is the same as applying hair loss creams on the scalp just here your hair is getting cleaned as well. However, hair loss shampoos are slightly expensive than their normal versions. To avoid getting fooled into selecting the wrong product check the user reviews before selecting.

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  • Hair growth vitamins

    Just like shampoos these vitamins provide that nourishment to your hair which is otherwise missing from your diet. Having one vitamin a day will ensure that you do not have to worry about hair loss every day. Niacin; vitamin C and Biotin are some vitamins that are needed by our hair.

  • Hair Transplant

    It’s a technique in which hair are shifted from the place where they are abundant to places where they are       showing signs of thinning. Being practiced since the 1950’s this method is quite popular due to the continuous   advancements in the same. The duration of the operation depends on the size of the transplant.2 to 3 weeks   after the surgery the transplanted hair fall away but visible growth of hair is seen in 6 to 9 months.Transplants do have their share of risks so it is wise to understand them before opting as it is a fairly expensive treatment. Watch 10 Bollywood Actors Who Went For Hair Transplant Surgery in the below video as per Onlytop10 video channel.

  • Platelet-rich plasma therapy

    In case you are in a field where hair loss is not acceptable then you could also opt for platelet rich plasma therapy. Renowned celebrities like Tiger woods have also opted for this method and this treatment can be used for any gender.Even though this mode is fairly old, not many clinics undergo such treatments. Hence do a quick research before thinking of opting for this one.

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  • Rogaine

    It is an essential element that would be present in any kind of hair loss treatments. Nearly 60 % of the men who applied Rogaine have regained their lost hair within a span of 4-6 weeks. However, there are certain side effects which people have reported. These include a change in hair color and hair growth on face. Nevertheless, it has been known to have great effects and can be trusted for hair loss.

  • Laser hair loss treatments

    This is one treatment about which people are still confused on whether to undergo or not. While initially they were only conducted by beauty parlors these days you have professional centers which provide you these services. However, before embarking on getting this done do make sure to check the customer reviews for the same.

  • Stem cell therapy

    Hair growth happens from hair follicles and if they are not healthy hair loss will start pretty soon. Also with age, these follicles shrink and do not respond to signals the way they should .Stem cell therapy allows fresh chemical signals to be sent to the follicles resulting in hair growth to start again. The best part is that no painful surgery is required as part of this treatment. Also, the speed of results is much quick as compared to other treatments mentioned.

  • Minoxidil

    Very popular among men this one is readily available for purchase from any chemist shop. However, the pharmacy versions may be weaker than the regular version. The original version needs a prescription but is extremely potent and effective. You could also look for other hair loss products having the same chemical compositions. But trusted customer reviews should be checked before selecting.

Hair loss has become a huge problem with many people looking for easy alternatives to combat it. Be wise in making your choice as any wrong selection can harm your hair. Do keep in mind that having a healthy diet and exercise is also a must for such treatments to be effective. All the best…. Take some tips from below alpha m.  video to avoid some hair care Mistakes Men Make.

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  1. I am mostly interested in natural ways of treating hair loss, as of the moment i am using coconut oil for hair loss and have observed promising effects. After reading this article i have been considering these recommendations.

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