disabed guy picks up girls
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Disabled Guy Picks Up Girls

Every day we see new videos of guys doing gold digger pranks. They go and ask a girl out to hang out with them. At […]

Mannequin Challenge
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Mannequin Challenge- Have you taken part ?

It was only a year back when we were all raving about the ice bucket challenge. Multiple celebrities were seen taking part in the challenge […]

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2017 Filmfare Short Film Competition – Part1

Filmfare 2017 Short Film Awards   Short-film is playing a vital role in entertainment industry.  In this digital age and online culture, short films are like […]

startup india benifit
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StartUp India – New-Age Slogan of 2016

An industry running with utility based services, funded by big corporate venture capitalists, and plan to become billionaires.  Should we call this Startup India? The […]

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Digital India Movement – A Different Thought.

Digital India – An illusion or reality ? Many people are advocating advantages of digital India over its disadvantage. These words are floating in the […]

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Before bidding adieu …take a look at the most liked videos of 2016

The year 2016 is now coming to an end. Among other events, this year will be known prominently for Demonetisation, Donald Trump Win and India’s […]

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Not To Laugh Challenge!!! 7 Funniest Kids Videos that can fix your bad mood right now…

Why do people love babies so much? Yes they look cute and  absolutely adorable.They are wonderful creatures. After all the baby didn’t learn how to be […]

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Five new trends in 2016 that you should watch out…

Fashion is an act that everyone deals with each and every passing day. Some people tend to say that they do not involve themselves in […]

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What would you do if Rahul Gandhi proposed to you?

When we say the name Rahul Gandhi it sure rings a bell in the minds of all of us. A highly popular leader of the […]

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Kid asks for a Cigarette, What Happens Next Will Totally Surprise you…

As a responsible person we say Kids shouldn’t smoke. But do we actually follow what we preach? We know even passive smoking kills many more […]

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