What would you do if Rahul Gandhi proposed to you?

When we say the name Rahul Gandhi it sure rings a bell in the minds of all of us. A highly popular leader of the opposition party in the parliament Mr. Gandhi belongs to the oldest political dynasty of India. This coupled with the fact that he is extremely good looking also make him one of the most suitable bachelors around. But even at 46 Mr. Rahul Gandhi is not yet hitched in any form which makes us think of the reason behind it.


We all may wonder what has kept this handsome hunk away from a wedding. As far as we all know he has not made any significant contribution to Indian politics so far.So what keeps him so busy that he cannot take the time to find out the one person who he would like to lead his life with. We presume that in spite of his good looks it is maybe his political lineage that is stopping him from taking the plunge.

So a group of youngsters going by the name ShitChat decided to ask the opinion of few girls staying in Mumbai about Mr. Gandhi and what would they do if he came down on his knees to propose to them. You will be surprised to see the responses but one thing is very sure that this scion of Gandhi family is not as popular with the opposite sex as a person of his looks and parentage should be.


Go through the video and let us know in the comments below whether you share the same opinion as these girls or you feel that Mr. Gandhi should now board the wagon and find the girls of his dreams. Guys, you are also free to give your opinion on why Mr. Gandhi is yet single and who according to you can take up the job of Mrs. Rahul Gandhi perfectly.



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