Now a day’s Yoga become so popular that from common man to celebrities are practicing it regularly. With the recommendations of Indian Prime Minister Narendramodi, United Nations General Assembly has declared June 21st as an International yoga Day on December 2014.

However considering its popularity and benefits to body mind and soul. It is not cure for all your ailments. It is not recommended in certain cases. It looks strange but it is true. Here we are discussing about it.


You don’t look what you are

Your ageing process is reduced; you don’t look what actually you are. If you are practicing yoga regularly difficult to find your actual age. You look pretty younger than your actual age.

Regular practice of yoga detoxifies your body regulates endocrine system,     hormonal system, balance metabolism and improves immunity and vitality

You want flexible body and glowing face

Yoga will improve the flexibility of the body and detoxify your body. It opens the blockages in the nerves and regulates blood circulation enhances immunity power. But   the sole purpose of yoga is not limited to physical body; its goal is to unify body mind and soul. On regular practice of yoga you can understand this. It improves of the toning of the body.

You look good and different in this Attire

Doing yoga just because you look young and smart in the yoga attire and you can show off your body on social media is certainly not a good reason to do yoga. Following the trend is fashion but being trendy is always not good. As you precede deeper levels of practice your consciousness will not allow you to do such things .The purpose yoga is to get physically and mentally fit in all emotional conditions. It decreases your anxiety levels and balances emotions. So it is better to ask yourself why you need to do yoga before starting it.


Because you hate yoga

It is difficult to find a perfect teacher and you have to chant Sanskrit words while doing different exercises makes you unhappy. Most of the time it seems correct but the vibrations generate during chanting, rejuvenates your body and mind.

Yoga is just not an exercise it’s a way of life.

When you are bed ridden

Doing yoga is not advisable when you are suffering from illness and doctors advised to take rest. Even if you are addicted do yoga in your daily routine it is not recommended to do while you are bed ridden. Instead you can opt for doing meditation and relax yourself by listening soft music.

Many surveys declared yoga practioners recovered well than other patients. Yoga practioner is less prone to diseases.

To reduce weight

Many people have the opinion that by doing yoga they can get slim and thin body. But it is always not true. Different body’s have different   texture so it is always not possible to get lean body by doing yoga. Yoga will certainly increases your energy levels and vitality but doesn’t make you to zero size.

Regular practice of yoga makes you healthy and strong. Your body gets good resistance power to all diseases. It acts as a catalyst to reduce many chronic diseases like cancer, heart problems, and paralysis along with proper medication for long time.

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To change yourself

Yoga is a means to an end, not an end in itself. By doing yoga your personality and behavior pattern will not change all of a sudden. You will remain same as it is, but your consciousness will increase and purifies your body and mind. It   Improves concentration and focus of the mind. Your mind will receive good thoughts, perceive good things in life. Your assessing power and decision making abilities increase rapidly.

You knew very well about it

You have to empty your cup before pursuing yoga. If you felt that you know everything you can’t learn anything. So it is advised to start afresh. Because yoga is observing your body and mind’s sensations and being in subtle state of mind without mental chatter. It is the essence of life not an exercise.

Yoga is a boon to mankind but doing it in right time in right way with right attitude will gives you good results.


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