Journey of Mumbai chi mulgi in Deutschland Part 4 – The Journey continues but outside Frankfurt…

In the concluding part of the series, I am going to turn into your travel guide and steer you to someday trip destinations around Frankfurt via my personal experiences.

In Germany, and probably across Europe, you can literally just point a finger on the map with a blindfold on and you will land up in a city or town which is surrounded by mesmerizing nature and drenched in historical landmarks and monuments. But the flip side to this is generally you end up being spoilt for choices and hence majorly confused when deciding what to on a weekend or a rare free weekday. So here are my top 4 picks. These are based mainly on proximity and ease of access from Frankfurt and my personal experiences.

The first on my list, and probably my favorite place for a day trip from Frankfurt, is HEIDELBERG.

Getting there – There are hourly buses and trains available from Frankfurt to Heidelberg. It takes about an hour by train and about one hour twenty minutes by bus (bus cost is about half of train – so take your pick!)

Places of interest

  1. The most famous landmark of Heidelberg is its castle. Sitting atop a hill, Schloss Heidelberg is visible from anywhere in this petite town
  2. Alte Brucke (Old Bridge) or the Karl Theodor Bridge
  3. Königstuhl (travel in the oldest funicular train in Germany)
  4. Altstadt (Old Town)



















Next on my must-see list is the charming old town of FULDA.

Getting there – There are hourly regional trains from Frankfurt to Fulda. It takes about an hour and a half to get there from Frankfurt.

It is a very small town and so rather than giving you specific places of interest, I would suggest to just walking through and around the town and soak in the beauty of a typical German town complete with a castle, picturesque old town and marketplace and huge gardens!





























The next city that I am going to talk about is WÜRZBURG, which is actually in the state of Baveria.

Getting there – There are hourly buses and trains available from Frankfurt to Würzburg. It takes about an hour and a half by train and about two hours by bus.

Places of interest –

  1. The Marienberg Fortress
  2. Würzburg Palace
  3. Würzburg Cathedral
  4. Mary’s Chapel
  5. Alte Mainbruke (Old Bridge on River Main)

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The last one on my list is MAINZ-WIESBADEN.

Mainz and Wiesbaden are very close to Frankfurt and reachable by either S-Bahn or regional trains in less than an hour.

Similar to Fulda, these are small towns and so best explored on foot. Mainz has quite a few museums and cathedrals. So instead of a travel itinerary, just walk around and enjoy the quaint old town. Wiesbaden also has an old and absolutely beautiful opera house, in case you are interested in enjoying the culture.

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So next time you are visiting Frankfurt, make sure you have time to visit one of these scenic towns!

Hope you enjoyed my four-part series of my first year in Frankfurt. Do send me feedback or suggestions, if possible.


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