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Loneliness is a common problem in our society, but today we are discussing on loneliness of working women.  We have seen a lot of working women busy in their professional life, and they didn’t notice their age gradually melting away.  Suddenly, they did realize in their mid-thirties that they did not have any family attachment, nor did have a children.  Finally, that lead to a hurried marriage with a compromise and many a time breakup.  Next, the motherly affection alert them and they end up in a thought of adopting a kid.


There is another provision in developed countries, a concept of foster child.  This is how they plan to resolve their issues.  But there are emotional crisis as well.  I have read an article few days back – a foster-mother went into depression after the court allowed the kid to go back to her biological mother.

In some cases, we have seen they keep kittens, puppy, or other pets to nurture their motherly affection.  Those who are bold they overcome these issues through their attitude, but for all, it is not smooth.  In this male-dominated society, we do not handle women with care, especially for working women a jealousy is observed.  A pain evolves within i.e. loneliness.




  • Smoking and drinking.
  • Doing more party and visiting discs.
  • Emotional imbalance.
  • Spending more time and money in shopping.
  • Sleeping pills and work alcoholic



  • Leaning toward a creative process
  • Reading books
  • Spending more time on carrier
  • Gardening in her small balcony
  • Avoiding party
  • Social service
  • Spirituality


Few Simple Steps To Heal Your Loneliness:

  • Believe in nature, because nature doesn’t like unpaired entity.  If no one has ever arrived in your life someone will definitely drop in.
  • Maintain a disciplined life so that it keeps your rhythm perfect.
  • Mix with kids as much as possible.  This helps you in maintaining positive attitude.
  • A kitten or a puppy or a pet can change the aura of your home.
  • Stay calm, stay in bliss.  Always imagine a happy family.  We get what we imagine – the principle of life.


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