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So it’s again that time of the year when after all the partying and vacationing we decide on doing something fruitful with our lives. Yes you are right we are talking about the New Year resolutions 2017 which we make with much fervour and 80% of the time break as soon as the first week of January is passed. However, most of us do not know which resolutions to make so here we are bringing up for you some good ones which you can make and maybe break too.



Using fewer gadgets

A sincere suggestion why not take a break from the gadgets this year and use that time to discovering yourself. How about adopting yoga or meditation or doing a little more vacationing this year.

Doing more household chores

Instead of calling for help to get your basic house work done why not do it yourself. Another very basic step in the direction to being a healthy you.

Watching theatre


Theatre can be a great option for people who have an interest in the performing arts. Easily the best way to unwind yourself after a heavy day in office.

No more sales

Especially for the shopaholic women out there .Lets stop visiting the overpriced discounted sales and just utilise the clothes and accessories we have already. Am sure it is going to be quite liberating for you.

Find your true Love

Stop going to the dating clubs and websites to get some lessons in love. Things change this year and instead we go out with friends, chat with others and look for genuine people. Who knows your special someone might just be lurking around the corner.

Walking to work


Amongst the resolutions made this one is the most common and is the first step towards a healthier and fit you. You do not have to walk the entire distance just getting down a stop before the nearest one is good enough. Same applies in coming back.

Go dry

In case you have done enough boozing maybe it is time to just stop and re look over the past. So how about starting to stay dry for some time, we know it is not going to be so easy so let us start bit by bit and then probably stop completely.


For all the nature lovers this is the chance to hone their gardening skills. Get up and plant something and see how it blooms. Am sure you will love the result you get out of this exercise.

Save money

Here we are talking about overall saving in terms of money, clothing, food items etc. So instead of just letting your clothes get wasted why not start wearing them and not buy anymore till these are done. In case you have been splurging on unnecessary items take a stock and stop doing that now.

Stop ignoring the family


Eventually, it is these people who have always been by your side come what may You could start off by taking your mom out on a candle light dinner or an excursion with your dad would also be great.Spend some moments of your life with them each week and see how positive and nice you feel about it.

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Now for the interesting part .We all have heard of the famous saying “New year resolutions are made to be broken”. So which are the most popular New Year resolutions which are broken the most often .Let’s have a look.

Following a fitness regime

This New Year resolution is the first one to be broken. Each 31st December night we sleep with this thought that we will either join a gym or start walking to maintain our fitness goal. However, on the 1st itself, we falter and lo and behold our resolution is broken and we keep doing it each year.

Getting up early

Just when the New Year is about to start we declare to our group from tomorrow no late nights and no getting up late. However, since we stayed up so late on 31st December we cannot get up early so there goes another resolution down the lane.

No smoking or liquor


Whole year we keep reminding ourselves that it is not good to smoke or drink. Then we say this year we are definitely going to quit and after following for a few hours or maximum a day we decide that let’s postpone this resolution to next year.


Most eligible bachelors and their counterparts decide religiously that this is the year for settling down. However, as soon as our parents start talking to us about the M word we get jitters and all our plans and resolutions are easily forgotten.

No shopping


Especially for the females, this one is broken even without saying. Maybe because no woman can stay away from shopping and hence, however, hard as we may try to save money by ignoring shopping we just can’t do it.

Will read more books

Easier said than done. We even go to the extent of finding books which we can read and buying them in advance to be read in the New Year .But the lack of attention or time lets the books stay in their racks and gather dust. After the year ends, they are comfortably sold at second-hand prices and obviously new ones are bought.

Will study harder


In the end we talk about the one resolution that has been over exhausted each year by almost every student. Every year we vow and assure our parents that this time I will study very hard and get good grades .The story changes when we pick up our books and the resolve melts like butter. Pretty soon we are on the same track of studying and the resolution is broken.


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Hmm, now enough of the discussion part. We all know that we break our New Year resolutions but are there any ways not to do so.Here are simple tips to continue with them for a long time.

• Initially start by making only one resolution. Instead of writing down all the resolution that you know of take up one which is the most relevant to your situation. For example, a student should make a resolution about studying harder in the coming year.

• Sit down and plan out how you can achieve the resolution you want to make. A student can probably sit down and chalk down his daily study schedule and make sure he sticks to it.
• Think of a new resolution. It is silly to every year make same resolutions and keep breaking them. If you do not have the flair to read books then do not take it up the next year.
Your friends and family may have different interests and your passion and interest would be lying elsewhere. If you are the outgoing types who loves knowing more about the world your New year resolution could be “Learn a new language”

• Whatever you wish to achieve divide it into smaller parts which can be easily obtained. Don’t give into the temptation of taking up something which is totally unrealistic and unachievable. For example instead of “Will climb a mountain this year” “Will go for bungee jumping” seems a much more realistic target.
Let your family and friends also be a part of your entire goal achievement process. Apart from them giving you ideas on how to do it, they will also give you the encouragement that you so desperately need at this time.
• To keep up your motivation levels reward yourself after each achievement of goals. This means if you are on a weight loss spree and have been able to knock off 3 kilos in a month you can reward yourself with an extra pizza in the weekend or an Ice-cream at your favourite parlour.
Start writing a journal and keep a track of what all you have achieved so far.. This can be done in the same journal where you have written your outlined goals and plans .It will give you a fair idea of how close are you to your targets and whether you are on target or have strayed too far.
In case you go back to your old habits do not get disheartened .Give yourself some time to make a comeback and start afresh. In case of small disturbances ignore them and move ahead. Take a break and start again and this time you will be able to achieve your target.

Breaking your resolutions is extremely easy and most of us do it without much thought. However, it requires a lot of courage and grit to continue towards the path that we have decided to take. Am sure these tips will help you to stay loyal to your resolutions this year. Many people believe that it is impossible to follow New Year resolutions but that is not true. If a person is dedicated enough he can achieve his targets and not fall into the trap of breaking them. Do you agree or disagree let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Great Tips. My 2017 year resolution is to change my lifestyle. To be as family man to spend more time with family and kid… Happy new year 2017 in advance.

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