StartUp India – New-Age Slogan of 2016

Qualities of a Startup entrepreneur...

urlAn industry running with utility based services, funded by big corporate venture capitalists, and plan to become billionaires.  Should we call this Startup India?

The job of a Startup entrepreneur is to aggregate people under a common platform to provide service successfully.

Qualities of a Startup entrepreneur:  

  • Serve the society with a clear vision.
  • Secrecy of the mission is important till it hits into the market.
  • Seamless workflow to ease the transaction.
  • Smart presentation to get a venture capitalist.

Now coming to the government’s view on it.

Since January, 2016, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has started promoting “Startup India and Standup India“.  Since then it has become a frequently used terminology in media and business houses.  Government has a certain proposition regarding this.


StartUp eligibility criteria by Govt. of India:

  • An entity – Registered or Incorporated in India.
  • Five years must not have elapsed since registration.
  • Turnover less than 25 cr.
  • Should work on innovation, development, deployment or commercialisation of new products, processes or services driven by technology or intellectual property.

Factors for not considering as StartUp:  

  • Should not split up from any old existing company and construct a new venture.
  • The year it will exceed the turnover of 25 cr. or after 5 years from the date of registration, it will lose its status and benefits of Startup.
  • The entity is eligible for the tax benefit provided it has obtained Inter Ministerial Certifications.

Startup India – Reality check

In 2008, I heard about the online bookstore Flipkart.  Being an avid and voracious reader I used to spend a healthy amount of time in offline bookstores.  But, this online bookstore brought a period to it.  Now I seldom visit any offline stores to purchase a book.  Ever since my experience with Flipkart, I became confident enough to purchase other products online like clothes, shoes watches etc.  The most lucrative part was Sale.  You could get almost half the Maximum Retail Price.  Obviously, a question raised in my mind:

How could they afford to ‘Sale’ at this price?

The answer is simple – they don’t want to keep the money inflow in pause mode, it should flow like a river. Since the investor standing behind them is always on.  They are keeping a close eye on their money flow, both in and out. This is why they want faster movement of product and services. 

So, to avail discounts and a comfortable service I have been ordering utility and personal care products online.  The beginner in this business has become a billionaire. Presently, there are innumerable companies existing in the market dealing  books, clothes, apparel, electronics, wherein they have moved the consumer’s day-to-day utility to mobile apps.  


Does it have any impact on a society?

StartUp has an impact on a society, because it is considered a social utility service.  In this fast paced city life we have become more and more comfort lovers.  Our day-to-day civilised life is filled with tension and pressure.  To get rid of this we need home delivery of food, grocery, books, medicine, and if possible sleeping pill.  

The derivative of a modern society is Insomnia and Nuclear family.  So, loneliness has become a harsh truth.  Because of this social help through Brother-Sister-Uncle-Aunty have gone on a haywire.  An emptiness of relationship in the air.  To compensate these, we have developed a venture named Startup, which is a replacement of the social help available through brother-sister-uncle-aunty, obviously social relationship.

Because of our City Life, because of our Nuclear Family structure, and because of our Individual Goal we have opened a New Entrepreneurship for Educated Young Indians.   

So, we love to shout a slogan – Startup India!!! Standup India!!!  


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