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Overall, the chances for NDA is still really good in 2019. They will still capture the majority seats in Rajasthan, MP, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, UP, Karnataka, Uttarakhand,  Seemandhra, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Below are the reasons why NDA will win again in the next lok sabha election.

1) Modi wave: He is still perceived as an extremely hard working individual with the development of India as his highest priority. Moreover, I don’t see his popularity dipping in social media any time soon. Considering his PR skills and the fact that internet users in India will reach around 700 million by 2019, I think Modi wave will still be a huge factor for 2019 elections.

2) Government working hard:  For the first time people are seeing Government working very hard for the betterment of Bharath. Be it Commerce Minister, External Affairs Minister, Education Minister, Railways, Defence, Electricity, Transport, Home Ministry… everyone doing their job exceptionally well.

3) Rahul Gandhi as PM: Most Indian voters would never want to see this happen.

4) Lack of strong anti-bjp alliance: The most possible alliance against NDA would be UPA+RJD+JDU+AAP+TMC. This might not hurt NDA that bad even if they take a drubbing in WB and Bihar in 2019. Plus anti-incumbency against TMC would be a factor in 2019 and might have a positive effect for NDA.


5) Anti-incumbency: India is growing positively irrespective of the GDP number. In spite of the arguments that there is not much difference on the ground etc, there is a general mood that the government is definitely trying hard. Some of the reforms undertaken would start showing fruits towards the end 2017. By 2018-19, NDA’s rajya sabha numbers would also increase ( though not a majority ) and that would enable them to undertake more reforms which would increase their pro-development image. If they are able to implement GST in the next fiscal, the investor mood will increase positively and this will translate towards jobs and higher output by  2019.

6) Hindutva Ideology: These supporters might be the most disappointed lot in 2019 but since they do not have anywhere else to go they might still vote for NDA.

7) Steady economic growth.

8) No scams.

9) No terror incidents.

10) Image of India was improving abroad

11) Better infrastructure

However In 2019 we don’t think it’s going to be landslide victory for NDA as in 2014, the fight would be much tougher and much uglier. He should be given a second chance because he deserves it and country needs him too.

Courtesy: Deepak Menon, Sidharth Khare