RAEES – A Shahrukh Khan MOVIE releasing soon: Watch the Trailer…

Miyanbhai ki Daring

Raees – Fiction of a Bootlegger, a Liquor Mafia.


Red Chillies Entertainment and Excel Entertainment Presents “RAEES”

RAEES has come across a lot of controversy, specially during the Uri attack.  Finally, it manages to overcome all difficulties and releasing on 25th of January, 2017.  Shah Rukh Khan Fans are eagerly waiting for this movie.  Since the release of the teaser it is into the gossip.  Initially they decided to release in Eid, 2016; and finally it is releasing on 25th January, 2017.

Director: Rahul Dholakia.  A National Award Wining Director for Parzania, in the year 2006.

Director of Photography: K U Mohanan

Heroine: Pakistani actress Mahira khan will share screen with King Khan

Editor: Deepa Bhatia

Background Music: Ram Sampat

Sound Design: Baylon Fonseca



There are few trailers which enhance the curiosity of the viewer.  This trailer fall into that group.  The trailer is attractive and well-composed, clearly depicting the story.  Sharp and crisp promo edit.  Long-shots are visually pleasing in the trailer.  And Sharukh Khan as MiyanBhai is glossy.  


  • Shah Rukh Khan VS  Nawazuddin Siddiqui.
  • Sunny Leone in the item song Laila.  It has received more than 60 million hits in YouTube. 

  • Romance between Mahira Khan and Shah Rukh Khan
  • Shah Rukh Khan in a different aggressive character.
  • And The dialogue – “Baniye Ka Dimaag Aur Miyanbhai Ki Daring”

It is clear from the Trailer that single screens are going to witness a tons of moment to whistle, specially during the dialogue – Baniye Ka Dimaag Aur Miyanbhai Ki Daring ...

Watch the trailer published by Red Chillies Entertainment


Drawback for Box-office Collection:

“Kabeel” is releasing on the same day.  So there will be a screen sharing because “Kabeel” too is a big budget Hrithik Roshan Movie.




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