Serbia To Supermodels …The journey of an ordinary woman to becoming Supermodel

Model Factory


We all like a documentary and consider as a source of knowledge.  In European countries, documentaries are much more popular than Asian region.  And BBC is one of the best resources of documentaries.  Here is one of those from BBC.  We had seen gymnastic factories, but the model factory in Russia sounds different.

To understand this we need to go back a little.  The Soviet Union broke into 15 countries in 26th December 1991.  All these unions faced tons of topsy-turvy since then.  Their finance went on a toss. They suffered a lot, but the natural beauty of their girl helped them a lot to manage several families. Seeing the situation girls had started leaning toward modeling in early age.  The profession boomed like anything over there.  They had become one of the successful suppliers of the world.  Their grooming starts at an early age, more specifically in their teens.  The Institute teaches body languages and aesthetics to enhance their beauty.  The trainer says, ” It is a science.”

Qualities They Look For:

  • Photogenic quality.
  • The geometry of the face.
  • The proportions of the physic.
  • The distance between two eyes, and the distance between nose and eyes.

About Market:

  • Asian Market is like a kindergarten which starts around 12 or 13.
  • Next, Europe, which you can consider as a high school.
  • The last level is the United States, which they consider as University.


He also added he feels great when he helps these young girls.  It gives him a great joy when one becomes very successful. 

While watching the video I felt the crisis has pushed these teenagers into the field of modeling and acting, especially in the world of glamour.  While to be almost naked in front of hundreds of people with a two-piece and being measured thoroughly is really difficult.  I am thankful to BBC for making this documentary and sharing these pieces of information with us. Watch below video published by Earnest Foster

Video & image credit: BBC


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