Video:This very funny Snapchat video between a beautiful American girl (Christina) & a young Saudi boy (Abu Sin) has taken the internet by storm

This Saudi Boy Got A Chance To Talk To His Ultimate Crush. Don’t miss to watch their romantic conversation.


This teenage guy made his dream come true when he had a video chat with vlogger Christina, in a video shared by Tee Radio, captioned “Feeling ng maka-VC ang crush mo”.

Just for your information Christina well known for her YouNOW live streaming account, where she has garnered more than 1 million fans. She is born and raised in California. She is a vlogger too.

Watch their lovely conversion below published by Chiangrai Times:

At the beginning of their chat, the boy, named Abu Sin wasted no time telling Christina how much he adores her. Although English is not Abu Sin’s native language, but he made sure to get his feelings across. He said a few minutes later, “I love you. I love you. I love you.


Both enjoyed their conversation. Abu Sin’s was smiling throughout their conversation. Christina smiled back and always responded “I love you too” to him. The happy Abu Sin’s thanked Christina for the time.

He’s one of the lucky guy who talk to Christina, who had 35,000 subscribers on YouTube and 150,000 fans on YouNow.

If you liked their conversation and want to watch their conversation ( Part 2) further then express your desire in the comment section.


Update :06-Oct-2016

Abu Sin was arrested for his “unethical behavior” and police claimed his videos were “enticing” young audiences and inviting “negative attention” from viewers around the world on Saudi Arabia. Later he has been freed on bail after a detention that lasted more than week.

Video Credit: Christina Crockett

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