These Underwear Questions You’re too Embarrassed To Ask! But you should know it right NOW.

Underwear got many nicknames like Knickers, undies, banana hammocks etc. There are very few articles published discussing about underpants from a health perspective. Real Men Real Style brought this very interesting video it will answers all your questions (although awkward) from what to wear at the gym to how many pairs, which color & texture underwear to buy.

Below is the Video Summary:

0:37 – 1. What is the best underwear style?
1:38 – 2. When should you change your underwear?
2:08 – 3. How many pairs do you need?
2:52 – 4. What is the best fabric?
4:11 – 5. When should you throw them away?
5:20 – 6. Is specialty underwear worth it?
6:24 – 7. What about going commando?

If you don’t like to read through then directly jump to the VIDEO at the end of this article. 


Question #1 – What’s The Best Style?

Your choice of underwear should be contingent on your lifestyle and the type of pants that you wear (briefs are suitable for tight pants, boxers for loose-fitting trousers). Boxer briefs provide great support and coverage,

Question #2 – How Often Should You Wash ?

Simple answer – when it’s dirty. The easiest system is to change after a heavy session of perspiring activity or once daily.

Question #2A –. Can I continue to wear same underwear second day ?

As health is concerned, you can wear same underpants two days without problem provided that the underwear is clean to the eye (without mark with urine or stool).

However If you have scratches in the skin, sores or rashes, do not extend wearing your underwear to second day, otherwise you could end up with an infection.


Question #3 – How Many Pairs Of Underwear Man should have?

You need at least 14 pairs if you launder your clothes once a week. A pair for each day of the week and backups for exercise or travel.


Question #4 – What’s The Best Fabric/Material?

Quality underwear provides ample ventilation. The fabric won’t warp easily, ensuring a comfortable fit for many months, if not years. Cotton and modal (Made from a semi-synthetic cellulose fiber) are the most common choices.  Woolens and thermals are suitable for colder climates.

#5 – When Should you discard your Underwear?

Replace their underwear at least once a year. Start by disposing of all the faded, jaded and saggy underwear in your wardrobe.

Any underwear that has visible holes, loses elasticity, and/or stains has got to go.

Question #6 – When to go for Special Underwear?

If you have a body issue you want to fix with underwear then look for the below options:

The options for specialty underwear include:

  • Compression
  • Butt enhancers
  • Package separators

Women find a man’s glutes to be the second sexiest part of his body. If yours needs a lift, wear underwear that provides support to make your glutes look fuller. Performance underwear provides support for your private parts during demanding athletic exercise.


Question #7 – Is Going Commando Fun? 

Going commando (wearing pants without underwear) is your choice. Wearing underwear prevents your private parts from rubbing against the heavier fabric of your trousers and in some cases, the metal parts of the zipper. Also underwear protects your package and prevents stains on your more expensive clothing.

Question #8 – Which color Underwear i should choose?

Basic, solid colors like black, white, gray, blue and red are great color choices. If you’re wearing white pants, it’s not a wise idea to wear black underwear. The outline of the dark underwear will be clearly visible under the lighter colored trousers.


Question #9 – How Do I Prevent Itching?

Jock itch is the combination of moisture collection, skin rubbing, and a possible bacterial infection from failing to maintain cleanliness in a particular area.

Follow these best practices:

Avoid tight underwear. Avoid wearing underwear that rubs your crotch. Wear sweat-wicking underwear. Wash your underwear after every wear.


Watch this very popular video of Antonio.


Keep your underwear clean, dry, and fresh.  Look for underwear that has a synthetic-blend fabric made to pull moisture away from the body.

Real detailed article about this subject from the author “Antonio Centeno” in his website

Source: Author Antonio Centeno from and Real Men Real Style


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