Five new trends in 2016 that you should watch out…

Fashion is an act that everyone deals with each and every passing day. Some people tend to say that they do not involve themselves in the trends of fashion but they lie to themselves. Even these kind of people need to choose the clothes to wear each morning. The kind of clothes one chooses to wear in a certain day says a lot about them and how they feel in a given day. As a whole, fashion design is termed as the act of designing clothes and accessories. In the current world, everyone tries to be different from one another in terms of his or her outfit and this has led to many designs emerging especially in the world of clothing. We have seen various celebrities show case their magnificent fashions in major events such as the Australian fashion week which is conducted annually, the Los Angeles fashion week conducted by annually, the Berlin fashion week conducted by annually among many others. Let’s now turn our attention to the new and most trending fashion designs worldwide as at today.


Leading the chart is the tie-dye outfits.

This kind of fashion has been existing since 1970s and now it has made a big comeback in terms of dresses, shirt, pants and many other outfits. These tie-dye outfits are designed by folding, twisting, pleating a garment and binding with strings followed by application of dyes. These kinds of outfits are mostly worn by the youth but when I say this I don’t mean that even old people or children cannot clad this type of outfit. Tie dyed outfits can be worn by any one because they are available in every size and almost every county.


This kind of trend has been seen being show cased in various fashion galas this year. They make one to appear classy and of class. This kind of outfit perfectly fits slim people. Some people tend to have a mentality that this kind of trend is no fashionable but I differ with them. It makes one look unique from the rest. These kinds of outfits are available at cheap prices and in both local and international markets.


Metallic eyes

This is as a new type of eyes highlighter that offers celestial skin finish. There are five most elegant and widely used metallic highlighters. They include: the Blue Ice (its diamond white with icy like reflect), Star (has a silver reflect and platinum), the purple Horseshoe (has an arctic blue reflect), the lucky clover (has a silver reflect and looks frozen bluish)

All these kind of metallic highlighters are applied using brush #23.everyone should try this kind of new fashion. It’s amazing. We all see well known celebs having shiny area between the eye brows and eye lashes and they wonder what kind of magic they apply but now this is no more magic because I have just revealed what they apply.


This is a kind of fashion which is soft, classic and has the ability to turn anyone had a look which is chic. I think everyone can wear it. They are available in every size and have outfits designed for various occasions. Example, one can wear a long length frocks and maxi gowns for special occasions and evening events. Everyone should try to purchase one for a stunning look.


Puffy sleeves

This is a fashion purposely for girls. The fashion industry is well friendly with the off-the shoulder trend. Several designers opt to attach a touch of volume to many sleeves. This kind of fashion comes out with attracting and elegant primary colors and stripes which make one to stand out being unique.


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