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energy waste

Wastage of water is a common issue, we find anywhere and everywhere.  Anything easily available does carry less importance in our life till we face a crisis.  Crisis helps us to become a better human being.  So, the crisis of water and electricity might grow us more matured while spending it.  Same as in the case of petroleum products.

Subtle Waste:

While talking about wastage we normally think about water, electricity, petroleum products but rarely we think about the human brain and human energy.  In a day the amount of energy that we waste on insecurity, fear, and complex thoughts are unimaginable.  We are always protective about our personal goal, personal achievement, and benefit.  To meet all these we not only drain our energy but consume a certain amount of time in all these irrelevant thoughts.  It is hard to be in a state of fearless mind.  To avoid this valuable waste of human energy, a stable mind is more necessary.


Ways To Have A Stable Mind:

  • Brisk walk in the morning
  • Maintain healthy diet and Disciplined life
  • Spending more time with kids
  • Meditation and Reading Books
  • Follow your passion

In today’s world lot of universities are doing research on this kind of subjects.  Even people have started saying a poem has the potential to heal a human being.  The research based on subtle energy has developed a lot.  Universities are doing research on the impact of reading poetry.  At the same time, energy healing based on music, which we normally call music therapy is a common practice.  The Colour therapy is gradually becoming popular.  Even we are doing the Light Therapy to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and certain other disorders.  The natural light source is the healer of mood, sleep, and depression.  The earlier we realize about these healing elements the better.

So, the tagline – No waste, please …

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