Meditation, Music & Fitness

Sound mind lives in a sound body. We all have listened to this proverb many times since childhood. But hardly we truly know the meaning of same, and those who know, they hardly apply it to their lives.  This proverb clearly indicates that for having a sound mind, we will have to look after fitness of our body and that’s true. Have you ever tried meditation with music for your body’s fitness? If not, then you have missed immense benefits of listening music with meditation.

Meditation, Music & Fitness

What is Meditation?

It is not any kind of exercise because it doesn’t involve any kind of body part’s movement. Don’t get confused with exercise. For finding inner soul satisfaction and inner peace, meditation is done. For getting clarity in thoughts & developing different cognitive abilities, you can practice it. In easy language, for some time, you have to relax your mind sitting in a quiet place for few minutes.

Types of Music for relaxation –

Meditation, Music & Fitness


Nature Sound

For making your body relaxing & easier, you can use Nature Sound CDs to experience different sounds of nature like the chirping of birds, fluttering of leaves. These nature sound recordings can be very helpful to meditate.

Classical Music

Indian Classical music has its own beauty. For fitness of your body, some cost of CDs of Indian classical music will not bother you much.

Christian Music

Christian music is one of my favorites as it touches my soul very deeply. You can download some mp3 tracks of Christian music online. This type of music helps to distress mind.

Other than these three categories, you can use any kind of soft music for meditation that soothes to your ears.

Meditation, Music & Fitness


Benefits of Meditation & Music

  • For fitness of your body, you need proper rest for your body to sleep. By doing it when listening to music will help you to sleep better.
  • Listening to relaxing music can be really an inspiration for anyone who is depressed and having stress & it can be a great help to patients with depression.
  • It helps in healing your body also. Some studies proof that meditation with music adds on to body’s fitness.
  • With help of music you can improve your concentration power, you can perform better in your studies, workplace or household works.

Else meditation with listening music helps in reducing stress, balancing your emotions, eating better and improving intimacy.

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