Benefits of playing Basketball as exercise

Basketball is a very good sport; many of us have learned it in our school time. Usually, people say that playing basket ball helps in growing taller and stronger for kids also. So this wonderful sport is very good for fitness of body also as exercise.

Benefits of playing Basketball as exercise

Hereby I am listing some benefits of playing basketball as exercise for fitness –

Strength Training –

One can get good strength training with basket ball as this sport involves full body workout. Lean muscles & core muscles development is done by playing basketball.

Cardiovascular Health – 

It is very good cardio exercise. In this sport, your heart rate keep increasing and decreasing because regular whole body movement. You can prevent many heart disease or strokes just by regular playing this sport as exercise.

Benefits of playing Basketball as exercise


Bone strength – 

Pushing and tugging is involved a lot in playing basketball so bones and muscles get stronger with this sport. It makes your bones stronger and helps to keep your body fit.

Burns Calories – 

Basketball is a very good sport for burning calories, losing weight & reaching your fitness goal. If you are heavy weight then you can burn nearly 900 calories per hour by playing and this is good enough for shedding extra pounds.

Benefits of playing Basketball as exercise

Immunity – 

Any sport played by any person as exercise helps him/her to lower degree of any kind of depression and when stress is reduced then person become more social in society and so that person’s immunity is boosted


Self-discipline & Control –

Any sport played teaches discipline and following the rules of games, so basket ball does. Self-discipline and control is necessary for losing weight and reaching the fitness goal.

Benefits of playing Basketball as exercise

Mental development –

A body’s fitness is proportional to mental fitness, it is the game which requires physical strength and mental awareness & prompt action also. So when you play any sport it helps in mental development also by increasing your focus and concentration.

Above all benefits are enough to choose it as an exercise to maintain one’s fitness level. Just make sure to keep you hydrated during the sport and do some stretching and warm up to avoid any kind of injury. Playing basket ball will boost your confidence and either played with friends or alone, it is good enough to be part of your fitness routine.

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