Home Remedies for Kids -Treat cough ,cold,indigestion or stomach ache at home.

5 Home Remedies to make your kids healthy

5 Home Remedies to make your kids healthy

 Discomfort increases if our kids do not perform well.  Our life goes on circling with/around our kids.  Their joys sorrowss or happiness keeps ourselves active.  The moment we become a parent, we understand the value of being a Mother or a Father.  The beauty of a relationship.  The value of society.  Here are few home-remedies that I have been using since I have become a parent. 

  • Your kid is suffering from cough and common cold?  You are tired of treating through antibiotics?  Visiting a Doctor has become a regular practice?

imgres-1Garlic can help you a lot.  Take 4-5 seeds of garlic, put those in a bowl filled with one cup of water.  Boil the Garlic till the water becomes one-fourth of a cup.  Then mix the juice with little Honey and Basil extract.

In a month you will be out of Doctor’s visit, because he will not be suffering from cough and cold anymore.  His immunity will increase.

  • Your kid is suffering from common cold?  You are tired of chemical medicines?  Visiting a doctor regularly  in rainy season?

In rainy season common cold, cough, fever, headache are common problems.  To counter this problem if you need a home remedy, turmeric is the answer.

imgres-2Turmeric is a herb with unique medicinal qualities, but natural raw turmeric which is not processed.  Grind and paste it with a Grinder.  Then put it in  lukewarm milk.  At night before going to bed your kid should drink the turmeric-milk.  Please continue this till your kid is out of congestion, common cold, and respiratory tract disease.


  • Your kid is suffering from indigestion?  His bowel movement is irregular?  He passes wind or gas?

imgres-3Amla or Indian gooseberry is the right choice.  It is available as juice in stores, or you can prepare it at home too. Since it is sour in nature, pour some honey in it along with lukewarm water.  Make sure your kid drinks it religiously in the morning with empty stomach.  

In a fortnight he will be out of wind or gas trouble.  He will have clear bowel movement.  You can even notice a gleaming skin tone.  

  • Your kid is suffering from boils?  He does not have bright skin?  He suffers from stomachache?

imgres-4Neem leaf is the answer for this.  It is mainly available in most tropical regions or can be bought from the store.  Taste of the leaf is bitter.  So, better to make a preparation with a small amount of Jaggery along with 2-3 leaf.

It has innumerable utilities – leprosy, eye disorders, intestinal worms, stomach upset, loss of appetite, skin ulcers, heart and blood vessels purification, and liver disease.


  • Your kid is suffering from asthma or bronchitis?  Does he have excess mucous condition? Is it a hereditary issue?

imgres-5  Vasaka or Malabar nut is the right choice.  Since long back this shrub is considered as a medicinal plant.  Though it is a coolant herb, it is useful for respiratory tract condition.

Pick a few leaves of Vasaka and paste it.  Mix the excretion with honey and give it to your kid on a daily basis.  All his sputum will come out through his air passage.  Vasaka is considered like an expectorant.

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