2017 Filmfare Short Film Competition – Part1

Filmfare 2017 Short Film Awards

Filmfare 2017 Short Film Awards

screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-3-14-04-pm  Short-film is playing a vital role in entertainment industry.  In this digital age and online culture, short films are like rain falling freely to fill our thirst.  It has its own advantage and disadvantages.  Earlier new comers used this as a tool to showcase their craftsmanship.  Gradually, the big players too realised that these short narratives are important and put their footsteps in digital short film world.

Short film needs the razor-sharp quality to portray a presentation in less than 15 minutes.  Moreover, the presentation should keep the viewer engrossed till the end.  Laconism is the word suitable for this kind of communication – not a cup of tea for all.

As this medium is gaining popularity, Filmfare Award Committee too have decided to start a competition from 2017.  Hope this will add glamour and money to it.  In their website they have displayed 44 short film in the final round, not all are mind-blowing, but there are few definitely heart touching.


One of such short film is “Aushadh”, based on a story of a pharmacist and his relationship with his customers…

This short film has won 63rd National Film Award for best short fiction film.  Directed by Amol Deshmukh, language – Marathi. Subtitle – Yes.

The beauty of this short film is instead of a low-budget it has maintained something which is known as originality of its content and has a beautiful soul, though there is a lag in production value and smart presentation.  The more you watch this film more you perceive the believability of content.  In a movie generally what we lack is believability, but in this case it has succeeded to create and hold believability.

Acting: Good

Editing: Good

Direction: Good

Sound Design:  Good

Camera: Considering the budget and resources and ungraded footages, I must accept DOP’s positive attitude and enthusiasm.


The Craftsmanship which should be mentioned separately is the Screenplay – Excellent and Original.  The best scene I feel in this movie is in the last, where the pharmacist opens his bag …

 Best wishes to Aushadh Team   

To watch this short film please follow this link …


Next, we will talk about another short film in my next artilce ( Part-2)

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Image credit: filmfare.com


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