10 Tips to get the success you want to achieve

Tips to get the success you want to achieve

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Everyone these days is in the quest to achieve a desired level of success. However, success is not something that you crave for and receive on a platter. You have to work hard to reach the milestone that you have set for yourself. If you are also among those who are still striving to achieve success here are 10 mantras to reach that level faster.


1) Luck is an illusion

Few things in life happen by luck or chance. The rest are all an outcome of your intentions and actions. Professor Richard Wiseman, University of Hertfordshire conducted a study over a period of 10 years to know why some people are lucky and some not. He invited people who considered themselves lucky and those who thought they were unlucky and made them undergo some tests. One of which was, he gave both groups a newspaper and asked them to look through it and tell how many photographs were inside. He had secretly posted a large sized message in one of its pages saying “Tell the experimenter you have seen this and win $100.” While the lucky crowd had no problems spotting it the unlucky crowd did not even notice.

He concluded that lucky people are more relaxed & open, and therefore see what is there rather than just what they are looking for and are relaxed and open and knew how to take advantage of situations, but the unlucky were nervous and anxious and hence tended to ignore the important signs of life.


2) Do not make failure an obsession

If you have failed sometimes no point fixating on it. Failure is a chance for you to try again and this time with better effort and vigor. Your failures are lessons to not repeat those mistakes again. If your actions are correct then pretty soon you will be able to get success in whatever you are doing.


3) Be clear about your aims

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More than confidence what is needed at the moment is clarity over what is that we want to achieve. If we are unsure of our mission then no amount of self-confidence can direct us towards the correct path to achievement. If your thoughts are clear you are also able to identify what kind of obstacles may face you further on and you can be prepared for them in advance.



4) Accept everything with open arms


Be flexible about the changes that are happening in your life because each one of them is going to teach you a major lesson. Even if the changes are not what you expected stay calm. Any big achievement or success is preceded by a couple of small obstacles and difficulties. Accepting them and moving on is the mantra for success.


5) Don’t calculate

Most people spend a major portion of their life planning and focussing on the achieving of their goals. Chuck planning on how to be great instead focus on what you can do to make your life great. Calculations and possibilities fulfill only for people who are willing to break the bonds and think out of their horizons.


6) Stay healthy

No success comes until you are fit in mind, body and soul. Adopting yoga can be the answer you are looking for as it helps in achieving a balance between the three. Look for exercises which you can begin with and start with 2-3 days a week schedule. Later when your body gets adapted to this change you can move on to increasing the duration and the days.

7) Be Composed and energetic

Learn how to control your fickle mind. Nothing can be achieved if your mind and soul are not focussed towards the correct direction. Also, a certain level of passion is required to take the obstacles arising in your stride and move ahead. Without achieving a balance between these two things the road to success would seem very far.


8) Pay attention to signals

Life gives you ample signals in different forms over what you should do and how. Look for those signs and try to understand what they are trying to say. If you do not have the power to understand these simple things of your life rest assured no one else will be able to either. Use this insight to gain more knowledge and perspective about how your future should look like.

9) Inspiration is the key

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Do not underestimate yourself. Whatever you are doing at this moment would be benefitting someone or the other in some form. So stay inspired that your efforts are definitely bearing fruits in whatever way they may be. The self-confidence and motivation are sure to make your success trip smoother.


10) Maintain your integrity

When you venture into any field success would come only if you are adopting correct and dignified methods. Try and use your skills to win the trust of the people you come in contact with. Once that is done it is these people themselves who will guide you towards further success. The truth is that no short cut or half-hearted methods can lead you to your destination.

As Professor Richard Wiseman says happy and successful people are not those who have no problems in their lives but those who learn how to stay happy in the imperfect things in their life. Success is something which is not easily achieved and hence it always comes to people who have their head firm on their shoulders. Use these success mantras and it won’t be long before you would also be getting the kind of success which winners usually get. However, do not haste as any achievement comes only after a fixed time.

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