Make in India Programme- A Dream

Made in India Vs Make in India

To Make Means To Create

617271-makeinindia-pti  To create anything we need innovation and excellence.  Making is always creating original to serve the society.

Since our childhood days we have seen Made in India embossed or printed on a product and it’s packaged material.  And now we are hearing a slogan by government – Make in India.  

Let us try to understand the Make in India programme. In a nutshell, Made in India is the effect and Make in India is the cause.  So, it is like a Cause and an Effect.  

Our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, have pled to the Corporates, NRI’s, and Young Indians globally to manufacture in India.  Government is ready to offer every possible facilities that can help to set up an Industry.  So, we are focussing in Infrastructure, Roads, and Research to faster the pace.

Except these, Education plays an important role.  We have educated young Indians to support this slogan.  But, before dreaming we need to invest in two qualities – honesty and integrity.  And truth to be told, we lack in this.  


Intention, Simplicity, Transparency:

These are few intangible old-fashioned words, but worth more value than we think.  Reason of bringing this heading is to support Make in India.

In today’s world all management gurus and spiritual gurus are preaching about “Intention”.   They consider Intention is the seed to merge in life to succeed in life.  Intention is the sublime thought in ourselves which only we are aware off.  So, there is curiosity and fear in common man’s mind ….  

  • Does an Investor want to set up an organisation to serve the society?  
  • Does an Investor want to generate wealth for the Nation and Mankind?  
  • Does an Investor want to explore ourself globally?  
  • Does an Investor believe in Human Resource?

People are willing to understand Investor’s intention.  The reason is simple – this is a country of simplicity where an image of the FATHER OF THE NATION is with a Dhoti and a wooden walking stick – bare body bare feet.

So this is the true essence of India, where we pay homage to wisdom, simplicity, and transparency.  These three qualities help to unite manpower.  We have seen the success since 90’s.  The impact during the days of liberalisation.  MMiddle-classIndian have come out as an entrepreneur, history have seen that.

And now in the age of artificial intelligence, we young Indians can build a New India and prevail the slogan Make in India.

The success of this dream depends on the smile, gesture, and living standard of the poorest of the poor standing in the queue.  The earlier we realise this, the better.  The growth and development and success of the last and the least powerful countrymen is the success of Make in India.

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