Why Physical Exercise is important for Health?

Are you a fitness freak? Do you have running or morning walk in your daily schedule? Do you like working out in gym? There ore lot of questions like to be answered when it comes to fitness that why people do so much efforts for their health. Now day’s jobs are so much sedentary that one needs some physical exercise or fitness regime in daily life.Hereby I am listing some of them that why exercise is important for us.

Why Physical Exercise is important for Health?

Physical exercise in form of any kind of workout has numerous benefits;

No cardiovascular disease –

If you are fitness freak, morning runner or walker or regular to gym then you most probably having good heart. Any kind of physical exercise involves boosting heart rate and thus keeping your heart healthy. You are surely away from heart attacks and any risk related to heart.

Why Physical Exercise is important for Health?

Weight Control –

We eat 3 times a day, sometimes 4 to 5 times also including snacks and parties & other outings force us to eat all type of junk food, so where does all that junk will lead our body? Nowhere, only fat gain. If you daily schedule doesn’t involve any physical activity, it is warning for that, you will be gaining weight in no time. Those extra calories can be burnt with normal morning walk as exercise of you don’t like joining gym or any heavy workout.


Why Physical Exercise is important for Health?

Strengthening Muscles and Bones –

Osteoporosis risk in elderly women can be lessening with physical exercise as it helps in strengthening muscles and bones. Arthritis pain can be avoided with help of moderate walking daily. So physical exercise is not good for young people only, it helps any age person, even in diseases also. 

Why Physical Exercise is important for Health?

More exercise, More Life –

You can increase year of your life on earth by physical exercise. Diabetes, cancer and many heart diseases can be dealt with physical exercise. If you are not interested in doing the high-intensity workout, then go normally for brisk walking.  

Good sleep –

When our body gets tired after different physical activities done in whole day, we experience good sleep. That is requirement of healthy life. Just don’t exercise when you are about to sleep, else it will be not easy for you to sleep due to increased energy level.

Why Physical Exercise is important for Health?

If you do not have any of physical activity involved in your daily schedule, then sure you are at edge of risk.

Start some physical activity today.

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