How to Choose fitness Resolution

Every year come with new hopes and expectations. Every year when January rises up, we all choose fitness resolution for the year. It is really exciting to choose fitness resolution for a year and fulfill that. This year what is your resolution? Is it related to your health? If you have not chosen any of fitness resolution for this year till now then it is time to take decision for fitness of your body.


Here I am providing some to Choose fitness Resolution for 2017:-

Exercise or workout 

  • Fitness is all about keeping your body fit by exercising and eating healthy food. This year keep your body fit by joining some aerobics or Zumba class or by some gym membership. The more I spend my time in the gym or doing a workout at home, I feel more refreshed and energized.

Choose fitness Resolution for 2017


Eat Healthy 

  • Take the decision to eat healthy. Make it sure that you don’t fill your plate every time with cheesy and fried food because exercise will only help to keep your body fit when you will keep a check on food you eat. It is 80 /20 rule, 80% of the effect on a diet on what you eat and 20% effect of exercise you do for your fitness.

Choose fitness Resolution for 2017


Get Stronger 

  • What is stamina of your body? Do you get tired a lot after 20 push ups? Is that your body stronger enough to handle pain after a heavy workout? This year get stronger with HIIT training or take some decision to master those heavy exercises. Making your body stronger should be your goal this year for getting a fit and endurance & stamina bits and pieces body.

Choose fitness Resolution for 2017


Healthier Choice 

  • Can you choose veggies salad over French fries? If no then this year try some these kind of crazy and healthier ideas for fitness of your body. Every time when you feel temptation to unhealthy food, choose healthier food instead and reward yourself for your healthier choice for your body’s fitness. Every time I make a healthier choice in terms of eating healthy and drinking a lot of water, I feel more motivated toward achieving my fitness.

Choose fitness Resolution for 2017

Last but not least, Love for self – This year a resolution should be added to your personal diary is to love yourself. Eating healthy and making those healthier choices for mental and physical health should be your motive for a healthy lifestyle.

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