Treadmill Vs Running outside

Running on a treadmill or running outdoor, both of these fitness options has their own advantages. Have you ever been in the chaos that which option of running for fitness of your body is best? Treadmill Vs Running outside – Let’s find out:-

Here we are about to find pros and cons of Treadmill Vs Running outside:

Treadmill Vs Running outside

Pros of Running on Treadmill

  • A treadmill is the best option for mother or working people who cannot spare time running outside for their fitness. As treadmill can be available at home, you can adjust your routine accordingly especially if a Mother has to take care of her kids also; treadmill is the best option for fitness.
  • Running on a treadmill will help you making machine adjustment according to your body type, while this is not possible in running outdoors. On a treadmill, you will be able to change speed, incline, interval and it is easy to monitor your progress technically on a treadmill.
  • Running on a treadmill is convenient; you just have to run for your fitness, nothing else. Running outdoor brings the risk for elderly people, one has to be careful while running on the road to keep yourself safe from coming vehicles on road.
  • No injury or less injury is the biggest pro of running on a treadmill for fitness. As treadmill base is already padded so the risk of getting injured while running in comparison of running outdoor is lessen and safe key is also available there.

Treadmill Vs Running outside


Pros of Running Outdoor

  • Running Outdoor lead you to nature’s lap, morning fresh environment, and fresh air is good for health & body. In comparison, Running on a treadmill can be boredom seeing the same view, walls of gym or home, or those stationary things.
  • For running Sprint, Running outdoor is the best option, because maybe your treadmill speed limits don’t allow you to run on particular speed level, while such runs can be enjoyed on hills or on the plain road also.
  • Running outdoor will makes possible running downhill which is not possible in case of running on a treadmill for fitness, because Treadmill has the option of inclined running, but not declined running.
  • Wind resistance in running outside can help getting your run on another level, means it will make your running more productive for fitness as it will be more challenging when you will find yourself running in opposite direction of the wind.

Image credit: Martin Alvarez Espinar

So these pros of running on a treadmill or running outdoor include cons of another option of running for fitness.

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