Periods & Exercise

There are so many myths and facts about Periods and exercises, there are many gym trainers and fitness pros who recommend gymming while on a period for keeping your fitness on track while some of them give some basic tips for taking precautions in Periods when doing gym. Should a women or girl exercise in periods or not? What kind of exercises should be entertained in periods by girls? What kinds of activities are helpful in your periods for keeping your fitness level up even in those painful days of every month?

Periods & Exercise

Let’s find out answers to these all questions regarding Periods and Exercise.

Depends on your body type –

Does your Mensuration cycle really make it hard to move out and in those days? Cramps and back pain is ordinary, but if you are on some complicated medical terms, we advise you to take a day off from exercise and rest. Because skipping one day exercise will not stop you to achieve your fitness goal. So go with your inner voice for exercising in periods. If you are comfortable only then start your day with exercise.


Depends on exercise you choose during periods –

Which type of exercises do you prefer in your periods? We recommend not choosing any kind of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) exercise during your mensuration time. Exercises like Box Jumps, Heavy weight training, Barbell Squats, Deadlift Max, Sprints, head stands, shoulder stands, plough pose should be strictly avoided in your Mensuration cycle period.

Periods & Exercise

Do not exceed your limits –

Everyone body is different, you may not be having same stamina girl next to you in the gym. In the same way, you will not justify with your body if you will exceed the limit of your body. Do not push yourself so hard in these days. Just go with easy exercises like Walking, Stretching, Aerobics, Light weight training, Yoga or dancing. If you will try to push your body hard in Mensuration period, you will end up with more bleeding and cramps.

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Exercise done with the right technique and choosing right exercises can benefit you lot as exercises like aerobics, dancing, yoga improves mood and works as stress reliever also.

There is nothing harm in doing exercise in your mensuration days– If your body and mind allow you to exercise during your Mensuration cycle, then go for it positively. It is totally safe.



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