Are You a Bad Mom? Simple Tips to Be a Good mother…

Simple Tips to Be a Good mother.

Mother Arguing With Teenage Daughter

When you are waking your kids up every single day, making them breakfast, getting them dressed for school, packing their lunches, taking them to school, bringing them back and then again taking them out to ballet recitals or soccer practices or any other thing that you can dream of, then bring them back home, make dinner and feed them, how many times a day do you sit by yourself and cry for the things you wanted to do differently that day?

Well, you’re not the only one.

Your life is practically clockwork. The same routine every single day and sometimes you get sick of it. All of your responsibilities usually end up screwing up the thing that requires your utmost attention and that very thing is the grooming of your children.

While you are too busy taking care of all the things you need to do for your children, you usually end up forgetting that they need someone to tell them right from wrong. At such a tender age, they don’t know right from wrong themselves and they usually end up getting in a ton of messy things. To prevent that, you just need to pay attention; attention to what they do every day, how they spend their spare time, how they spend their time at their schools. But, it also wouldn’t be a bad idea to practice some of the following exercises:


Talk to Them Every Once In a While

Your children need you. They need to talk to someone and they most definitely need someone to explain their problems to. To put it in more understandable terms, they need a shoulder to cry on and what better shoulder there can be than their own mother’s? You should always take a few minutes of the day to sit down and have a mature conversation with your children. You should try asking them about their day, what they did, what they ate for lunch, who did they eat lunch with?

This might not be critical for a child who is pretty open about their life, but if you notice that your child is depressed or seems mentally absent, then talking to them is potentially the best thing you can do. One more thing you should keep in mind is that you should never criticize them when they tell you that they did something silly. This means that they trust you but if you scold them, you might lose that trust for a long time.

Take Them out At Least Once a Week

You should try to take your child out every week. This can prove out to be a pretty rejuvenating exercise. A fun outing with you could be what you need to get them to trust you and who know they might even end up telling you something they might be trying to hide from you for a long time. No matter what the case, taking your child out to grab a bite or maybe taking them out to a park or something will always help, and who know, you might be able to relieve a bit of your stress as well.


Try to Encourage Them as Much as Possible

Remember one thing, your child believes in you. A million people could be against your child, but they wouldn’t care as long as you support them. One should always remember that you are your child’s greatest cheerleader. You should try to encourage them on tiny things. For instance, if they do a good job cleaning their room, make sure you tell them that, because that would motivate them to do even better. The same goes for studies as well any sports that your child participates in.

Watch Over them like a Hawk

It is important to build a relationship with your child, but when it comes to the health and safety of your child, all of that goes down the drain. If you feel that your child is in danger, you should leave nothing to chance and try your best to help them and get rid of their problem. But, it isn’t necessary that the person threatening the well-being of your child knows them in person. Cyberbullying is one of the most alarming threats to our generation. Cyberbullies have forced children to steal, lie, harm and the list doesn’t end there. You should try to protect your children against the online predators as well.

The Bottom Line

You could try your best to build a relationship with your children but when it comes to online predators, that all goes out the window.You need something that bends the rules a bit. You need to be able to look into your child’s lives without them knowing about it and the best way to do that are Parental Monitoring Application.This app can help you monitor your children in all the places that usually wouldn’t be possible without making the child feel insecure.

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