21 Beauty hacks for on the run Ladies

Life for girls is really tough .What with all the makeup and boyfriend issues and then to ensure that you have a new dress to wear to every party…life is definitely difficult. Do not fret though we have some very simple hacks for you to manage all these and that too without spending any extra money.


  1. In case you want the ultra-glam, dark eyes look from your liner here is a simple solution. Just hold a pencil liner under the flame for a few seconds. Let it cool and your beautiful dark eyeliner is ready for use.
  2. Whenever you wish to hide your dark circles for a party then this simple trick will help you. Apply your concealer diagonally under the eyes, it gives the eye bags a lift and makes them look gorgeous as ever.
  3. When applying Mascara do the strokes towards your nose instead of your temples. You will see the change in the effect it bestows.
  4. Suffering from cracked soles, mix ¼ cup Listerine with ¼ cup of vinegar and ½ cup slightly hot water. Let your soles soak in this combination for 10-15 minutes .Later wipe with a cloth and all dead cells will fall off.3901537243_621def74ff_b
  5. For luscious lips put on the lipstick and then stick a tissue to your lips. Brush some powder over the tissue and remove it.Later apply more color on your lips.
  6. If fond of striking eye shadows apply some white one on the eyes first. Later apply colored one and see the vibrant look you get.
  7. Apply dry shampoo before sleeping in the night. By the time you wake up your hair would be bouncy and raring to go.
  8. If handling split ends is tough then twist two three locks together. The hairs that stick out are the ones who have split ends. Easy to snip them off.
  9. Tired of wearing heavy makeup to parties then don’t do it.Instead, fill your eyebrows and that would make all the difference to your look.
  10. In the case of blush is over use your lipstick instead. After application just rub carefully on the cheeks.
  11. Want plump lips try using peppermint oil. Put some in your lip gloss and apply, the difference is visible for you to see. Advertisement


12. Wish to get a perfect mascara line. Place a business card over your eyelashes to get the perfect look.

13. To find the perfect foundation shade does not test it on your hand. Instead, apply it on your neck as that comes closer to your face skin shade.

14. This is funny. If you still have loads of lotion left in your bottle and it refuses to come out then cut the bottle from the top.


15. In case your liner is over use your mascara to get the same kind of effect.

16. If your mascara is lumpy and looks useless then put some of your contact solution in it.However, do not use if the contact lotion is more than three months old.

17. Don’t have makeup remover use coconut oil for best results.


18. Bored of the glossy nail polish.No worries put some cornstarch in it and see how it changes to a matt.

19. Want to get rid of shining nail polish then try this. Dip cotton ball in remover and wrap it around your finger .Cover it with tin foil and leave for 10-15 minutes. All your nail paint would be gone.

20. In case want to use bobby pins to hold your hair spray them with dry shampoo or hairspray Your hair will stay up longer and chances of opening will be minimized.

21.When hair is wet dry it with a cotton t-shirt rather than a towel. This way your hair gets dry faster.



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