16 clever hacks to make your parenting job easier


Being a parent has always been an eventful ride with roadblocks and obstacles at every nook and corner. Most parents are seen jostling with finding solution to problems like “kids not sleeping on time” or “not eating their food”. Some parents get exhausted pretty soon while others look for ways to combat the small issues that bother them. Here we give you some brilliant hacks to make your most tough job easier.



  • In case your child is the fussy eater try and put some interesting sprinkles on the food. It won’t be long before your little one would start loving his food as much as his candy.
  • For shoe shopping trace your kid’s shoe size on a piece of paper. Now you do not have to carry him along whenever you go for the same.

  • For a baby with teething woes, freeze his pacifier with juice, formula milk or water. Hand it over to him for immediate relief.
  • For the tech, savvy kids addicted to I pads keeping it on kid’s mode is the best way to ensure he does not drift off elsewhere.
  • If your baby has got a splinter/sharp piece of wood in his feet do not panic. Just put a paste of baking powder and water and wait. In some time the splinter will come out on its own.

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  • If your child adores eating popsicles/ice lolly just plant a cupcake holder from its base inside. Whatever melting happens will pass on to the holder keeping your kid’s hands clean.
  • Your child has the drooling habit then makes a permanent fixture for them in the back of his high chair. The moments you need one just pick it up and use.
  • For kids who are having a hard time sleeping due to frequent bouts of coughing just rub a little vaporub on the feet and make them wear socks over them.
  • Going out for a trip and worried about their safety, plant lost stickers on a visible part of their body. Also, mention the exact details where you can be contacted.
  • Keen on installing a baby gate so that your kids do not run away. The best way is to put some cable ties instead of the regular nails. This way there is no chance that your little one will run away.
    image credit: Eli Duke , flicks.comOnce the crib is used remove the sides and convert it into a full-fledged study table for your child.
  • Make your child bathe in a laundry basket if his bath toys keep floating away in a normal sized tub.

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  • Tired of making your baby cry during baths put a shower cap on his head. No soap or water in eyes no crying at all.

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  • Instead of handing your new cell phone to your baby keep your old ones handy. Just hand them to the baby if yours is also a technology freak.
  • For kids who have bad handwriting its time they do a little handlebar It makes their arms and hands stronger and lets their writing also improve.
  • Try and wear cargo pants whenever you are out with the baby. It gives you a lot of space to keep the kids’ stuff.


Times are changing and kids these days can stay on toes the entire day. In that case, it becomes the duty of the parent to put them to sleep forcefully. Many kids do not eat their food and hence the parents have to rush around to ensure that their child is getting the dose of nutrition he should. So if you or anybody you know is also finding tough handling his kids then adopt the above-mentioned hacks and make your and his life so very easier.

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