Are you also affected by demonetization …….These guys are the worst hit


Demonetisation has taken the whole country by storm. While some are happy that finally black marketers are being forced to come out clean on their money some people are strongly against this change saying it is just another pre-poll strategy by the existing government. Another section of the country is screaming about how the common man and the labourer class is suffering as they have to stand in lines for long hours and then also they do not get their money. However when on streets these are the same people who are least bothered about the common man and the laborer class.


There is another group which is busy sharing memes and gifs on demonetisation with their circle of friends and having some fun in the process. I am sure all of us have received innumerable messages on Whats App and Facebook which show us what the country and its people are going through at the moment. Meanwhile, some people are acting as saviours and helping out people who are standing in queues by offering them refreshments and water to drink during this period.


However, most of us forget that if the common man is going through some pain at this time the bankers are also working extra hours and days to ensure that this process is streamlined and brought on track. Indian bank employees till now have been infamous for their dilly-dallying approach to completing their work. Now when they have to work extra hours can you tell us how they are taking it?

10665288243_60ce0f7689_kSource : MattysFlicks.

A team of individuals who are also known as Screen Patti has enacted a vivid and nearly correct description of the before and after effects of demonetisation on our favourite people that is the bankers. See the below video published by maneesh chopra and let us know if you can relate to their plight and whether demonetisation has shown its effects on them also.


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